This is our Masterclass focusing on Aspirations, Hopes and Ambitions.

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About this Course

This is our Masterclass focusing on Aspirations, Hopes and Ambitions. The masterclass teaches participants how to work and facilitate workshops with people in community and help them identify their aspirations, hopes and ambitions. Our suggested study time is one full day to complete. 

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Course Curriculum

Kerry Arabena

Professor Kerry Arabena 

A descendant of the Meriam people from the Torres Strait, Kerry’s work has brought her to the forefront of Indigenous affairs in Australia. A former social worker with a Doctorate in Environmental Science, Kerry has held senior positions including Chair of Indigenous Health at the University of Melbourne, Executive Director of First 1000 Days Australia, CEO of the Lowitja Institute, and Director of Indigenous Health Research at Monash University. Kerry is the former President of Ecohealth International, a Scientific Commissioner with The Lancet Pathfinder project and a Director of IgNITE.

With an extensive background in public health, administration, community development and research, Kerry has led a wide range of organisations and committees including the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Equality Council and the National Congress of Australia’s First People. Currently a Director of Kinaway Chamber of Commerce, Kerry holds an honorary professorial position with the University of Melbourne and has a number of entrepreneurial programs in development.